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Children’s Feet

Simple At-home Checks Help Spot Foot Problems

While preparing for the new school year, it is recommended that parents take five minutes at home to check for signs of possible foot disorders that could prevent active children from participating in sports and other activities.

Add these additions to this year’s back-to-school checklist:

  • Do the bottom of the child’s shoes show uneven wear patterns? 
  • Does the child walk irregularly? Is one leg longer than the other or do feet turn in or out excessively? 
  • Do preschoolers walk on their toes? 
  • Does the child often trip or stumble? 
  • Does the child complain of tired legs, night pains and cramping?

If parents take time to perform these checks, they will identify symptoms of common foot ailments, such as ingrown nails, and more serious foot disorders like flat feet that can hamper a child’s performance in physical education classes and sports. If a child’s shoe is worn on the big toe side of the foot, it could be a sign of poor arch support or flat feet.

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