Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails can be very painful. In addition, ifthey are not treated early, an infection can set in. We make sure that patients with ingrown toenails are seen right away. Let our receptionist know that you have an ingrown toenail and she will get you in as quick as possible, often on the same day.


Ingrown toenails usually resolve very quickly after the ingrown portion of the nail is removed. The offending portion of the nail is removed by trimming the nail corner or in some cases removing the edge of the nail back to the cuticle. Usually, a local anesthetic is used to lessen the discomfort.

Don't Worry

If your toe is tender we will ensure that your toe is completely numb before taking care of the nail problem. The most common statement we hear after taking care of an ingrown toenail is "That was easy - I wish I hadn't waited so long!"

In addition, we usually only have to remove a very small portion of the nail. Your nail will therefore usually look normal after you have healed.

If you, a friend, or a family member suffer from ingrown toenails, don't wait to get treated. Treating them can be quick and easy. Call (250) 717 - 0350

Ingrown toenails almost always occur on the big toe. They can cause significant pain, and as well have the potential for infection.


An ingrown nail can result from a number of factors, ranging from; tight shoes, poor improper nail care, and genetic predisposition.


There are two steps to treating an ingrown nail: 1) Clear up any infection that might be present, 2) remove the part of the nail that is growing into the toe. Cutting the nail on your own can be very painful, and could promote infection if not done properly. Having a podiatrist do it, under local anesthesia if necessary, is the best way. Soaking the toe 2-3 times per day in warm salt water can help reduce any infection. Antibiotics are rarely needed. If the condition is chronic, a podiatrist can permanently remove all, or part, of the nail root so that the ingrown toenail never recurs.











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