Fitting Kids Shoes

Making sure that your child's athletic shoes are comfortable and fit well is very important.

The bones in children's feet are not fully developed until the age of 12 - 13 years old. The pressure from ill-fitting shoes - which increases during activity - can force bones to align incorrectly at the joints.

Various experts offer the following tips to help determine if your child's shoes fit properly:

The following is a recommended guide for checking the fit of children's shoes:

Age Check Fit Every
0 - 18 months 1 - 2 months
18 - 24 months 2 - 3 months
2 - 3 years 3 - 4 months
3 years and up 4 - 6 months

Parents also should heed complaints about tired legs, heel pain and leg or foot cramps at night. There's no such thing as 'growing pains,' so when kids complain about leg and foot pain they might have flat feet or another disorder that should be evaluated immediately. Children with flat feet are at risk for arthritis later in life if the problem is left untreated.

Parents who think they notice a potential foot problem should have the child evaluated by a qualified podiatrist.










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